Publications Department

The publications department is responsible for the various publication formats, which are primarily served by the young academics organized in the BSH university groups. In this way, the BSH makes an important contribution to the entry into scientific and journalistic publishing for young academics.


Wissenschaft & Sicherheit (Science and Security)is the BSH's scientific publication series published by the Berlin-based Wissenschaftsverlag. Seven anthologies have been published since 2005. In each volume, authors from politics, science and practice have their say, thus opening up an interdisciplinary view of the respective focus topic. In 2008, Science and Security was named a Selected Landmark by the initiative Germany – Land of Ideas.


Wissenschaft & Sicherheit Online (WiSi Online) is the BSH's electronic publication series. Articles in WiSi Online cover a wide range of topics. Their common point of intersection is the reference to foreign and security policy within the framework of the comprehensive concept of security. The publication opportunity is primarily aimed at master's and comparably advanced students as well as graduates, in exceptional cases also at bachelor's students.


The BSH-News inform about current developments of the association and about decisions of the federal board. All BSH university groups receive the BSH-News by e-mail for distribution to their members.


A highlight in this department is the awarding of the "Golden Owl" Young Scientist Award, which regularly awards outstanding thesises on security policy topics. The prize is awarded every two years in the categories Bachelor's and Master's thesis. Each category is endowed with €1,000 in prize money. The selection of the theses to be honoured takes place through a two-way peer review process, in which at least three experts from science and academia review the work on the basis of a standardized evaluation form for each submission.


The BSH publishes a separate article in each issue of Loyal - Magazin für Sicherheitspolitik. In addition to current developments from the Federal Executive Board, the university groups in particular are given the opportunity to report on their own events. Loyal is the magazine of the reservist association and is published eleven times a year with a total circulation of 125,000 copies. In addition to news from the association, the magazine focuses on security policy analyses and background reports.